This page is a work in progress so there are no doubt some errors. It would be best to check the result before buying the items you will need. Also no blaming me for any errors :)

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Price last downloaded form Jagex :
Changing to new method. For now update price by using link on index page.

The value after the ";" is the price change given by the grand exchange

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Methods in table:
Manually edit a price.

1. rates:
The drop rates and kills per hour are very rough guesses for some of the table rows. If you have better values you could pm me(jmnc2) on Zybez forums or irc (pm on irc or irc chan)

The run update changed how many super energy pots you need to keep running all the time. I have not got around to updating a lot of the timings and the amount of supper energies needed to take account of this update.

The rune crafting times for 75+ rc are based on Zarfot's guide on the runescape forum, his guides are good and you should read it if you are planning to do much rc, just do a search for "Mega Runecrafting Guide"

For deaths:
Maximum speed for abyss runecrafting is 48 runs per hour including abyssal summon.
Take off 3% for inefficiencies and randoms etc. gives 46.56
Take off 1/2 a run an hour for charging glorys leaves 46.06
You can take a max of 61 essences per trip but need to take a 1/4 of an ess off per trip for pouch degrading.
I am guessing you will need about one energy per 10 trips with the running updates so that would be 61-.25 - .1 = 60.65
So you should be able to do 60.65 * 46.06 = 2793.539 ~ 2793

45 runs an hour for 2x nat running (using assist) 27.5 ess a trip gives ~1237 an hour.
I am assuming 42 essence a trip doing cosmics at 59rc. This will vary depending on you agility and repairing the pouch.


Colours have no meaning on this page, they are just to make it easier to follow a row.

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