This pages is in beta so it would be best to check the result before buying the items you will need.

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Price last downloaded form Jagex :
Changing to new method. For now update price by using link on index page.

Changed some of the timings to use game ticks instead of me timing stuff. This should be more accurate but it has made it look like you can make things much faster.
Either my timings were way out before or need to add more time in other places where I am still using guesses. eg. banking. Still using a guess for banking times and the delay to start making the first item.
And here timings.js

Seconds to bankall and take 1st lot of items Seconds to take 2nd item Time to start making item Your name Your xp Your level Target xp Or target level Or xp gain Cost
Nature rune price xp factor No. seconds to bank (from forge) Time to smith/smelt Time to cast superheat
You will need to click "Calculate" after you update the target xp etc. to update the table.

Placeholder for a java generated table. If you see this for more than a few seconds after page has loaded there is a problem, likely with the java.


The colours do not take into account any level boost. You can get a +1 boost from Dwarven Stout and +2 from mature Dwarven Stout. You can get up to +6 from Spicy Stew
This background colour shows the items you can make at your level.
You can't make this item at your current level but will be able to by the time you reach your target level.
You will not be able to make this item even at your target level.

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